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Looking for a flexible way to help your child maintain their French language skills during the summer?


About Me

Bonjour! My name is Katia, long-ago nicknamed by my students, Madame Amazing. I am a native French speaker from Montreal, Canada.

I have been teaching all core academic subjects in French immersion schools across the world for the past ten years.

I started Madame Amazing Virtual French Summer Camps after being asked by my classroom parents again and again over the years how they can access a flexible way to support their child's language learning during the summer. I found myself unable to recommend  existing programs due to the lack of personalized attention on existing apps and online resources. And to directly quote the children... "They are boring."

Nothing I do is boring! My reputation in the education sector is that of being an innovative educator that believes children learn best when they are having fun. During the Covid19 crisis I was able to use some of my technological and creative skills to engage children in learning despite the tough circumstances and I developed an effective distance learning program which I know use to consult with teachers around the world.


Take a look at some of my videos and resources and you will see a variety of activities including puppet shows, singing, science experiments, cartoons, engaging math activities as well as focus on fine motor and cultural enrichment. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. Merci!

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How It Works
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Is your school making plans for distance learning this fall?

I can help your teachers develop proven strategies to keep children engaged in a distance learning setting. 


Book and pay for your 1:1 or group tutoring session online.  


Sign up as my patron and receive three videos per week to help enrich and review your child's French this summer.

Tiers start from $25/month.


One-Time special event group sessions now booking! French Storytime at the Farn for 4-6 year olds, Monkey Encounter in French, Puppet Shows in French starring Madame Chaussette. Book your summer full of engaging French events today!


My summer camp is instructor-led, not pre-recorded. Sign up for a week full of activities, videos, Livestreams, Seesaw assignments, Zoom tutor sessions, and more. 


What my parents say...

"As full-time working parents, we've been so thankful to have you as our child's anchor. Knowing that every day we always have engaging videos and activities to do to look forward to every day has been so relieving!" 

- Daniel K.

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